Posted on July 04 2019


A simple pair of leggings can inspire you and have you feeling more positive about getting to the gym, training, going on that run, or attending that yoga class.

Let’s face it, women don’t want to keep adjusting themselves while workout out and we’re really tired of see-through leggings that also highlight the most embarrassing sweat stains and keep riding up places they just don’t belong.

That’s why FighterPhilosphy is providing you with this simple guide to selecting the right pair of leggings – because not all leggings are created equal. There’s fabric, length, waistband, and style to consider. But most importantly, the type of activity you’re engaging in may call for a different type of legging so it’s important to break it down by physical activity type.

Remember: Just because they fit well in the fitting room at the department store, doesn’t mean they’re going to be able to withstand your intense physical activities.

Let’s first explore the factors to consider when looking at a pair of leggings.


Material is a deal breaker when it comes to selecting the right pants for your workout. Certain materials will generate more sweat and moisture that could lead to a general cold feeling if you’re outdoors or enhance unpleasant body odors. Overall, the right material will help you feel more comfortable as you embark on your physical activity. Moisture-wicking properties will give your leggings a silkier finish. You should also be sure to stretch-test your leggings—you’re looking for a solid four-way stretch.


Does the material leave itself susceptible to every lint and hair ball? Not good. Cottony materials tend to do this. Avoid them.


There are many lengths to choose from, but it may largely depend on your personal height as you decide. Full-length, ankle-length, and mid-calf are all options you can pick from. Obviously if you’re a shorter woman, you’ll want to go with a legging that comes ankle or mid- calf so you don’t have to worry about rolling up the bottoms.


High, mid, or low. Ultimately your preference will play a role, but there are certain activities that deserve a higher waistband such as weight training and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. More security and that feeling of “holding everything in” will lead to heightened sense of comfort as you’re moving around.


The problem with so many leggings is that if they’re light and airy, they could potentially be see-through. On the flip-side, if they’re too thick, they can cause you to feel hot and sweaty and make it more difficult to move around freely. There’s a balance to be found in the perfect pair of leggings.


You have an opportunity to express yourself through the workout gear you sport. When it comes to leggings for any type of workout there are an endless amount of designs, colors and patterns to choose from. You can let your personality shine as you stay fit. Also important to consider when it comes to style are pockets for securing items and reflective patches for nighttime activity.

Now let’s break it down by activity type. Are you a runner? A BJJ athlete? A gym bunny? A serene yoga-goer? It doesn’t matter—there’s a perfect pair of leggings for you.


If you’re a runner, leggings or compression tights can give you an added boost, providing a layer of comfort and security. Depending on your climate, the right pair of running leggings can keep your muscles warm and your body dry. If you’re going with a 100% cotton legging, sweat will stay close to your body and make you feel cold and uncomfortable. Instead, explore fabrics with a polyester/spandex blend that possess moisture-wicking properties. Another option is compression tights. Running tights blend multiple materials that could potentially improve circulation. You can also consider a lower waistband for running as there won’t a whole lot of bending going on unless you’re stretching beforehand.

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

For women who engage in BJJ, the right gear is a must. Spats can provide a wealth of benefits including heightened performance and thermal perks. You want to protect your legs from germs, as well as guarantee they’ll stay in place as you’re moving around vigorously. Moisture-wicking properties and a slick exterior are also factors to consider. And of course, you’ll want to train in style, so a great design is a must.  Opt for a high or mid-waist cut, made of a spandex/polyester blend that will eliminate odors and help control sweat.

Weight-Training and Squats

If you’re weight training, you definitely don’t want a pair of workout leggings that are going to be sheer when you’re bending into all types of shapes. You’re also not looking to keep pulling them up while you’re squatting repeatedly. Instead, you want a thin, but not-so-thin pair of leggings that will hide your underwear and have a mid-to-high waist band that will sit around the belly button and won’t budge as you’re moving.


Yoga requires increased flexibility so you’re looking for a comfortable and breathable fabric with a matte finish to avoid transparency. You’ll also want to consider a high waistband as there’s a considerable amount of bending you’re doing.

Why We Love FighterPhilosophy’s Spats?

Obviously, we’re biased, but we created the perfect pair of leggings for pretty much any type of physical activity. Whether you’re training BJJ, squatting at the gym, or taking a high-impact cardio class, you’re going to feel secure. Stretch the material all you want; you’ll never see through it. Its polyester/spandex blend provides that moisture-wicking we’ve been talking about, so you don’t have to worry about embarrassing sweat stains or odors. Our just-launched line of women’s spats also come with high waistbands that don’t fall and keep you feeling secure. As for outer material, no pilling and a sleek exterior keep everything sliding right off your legs.

And our favorite feature is the unique design that let’s women express their individuality through their fitness gear. Our dual-patterned design incorporates that solid black look with a vibrant design so you can have the best of both worlds.

See for yourself. We bet you’ll love how you move, too.

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