Posted on March 25 2018

In Asian countries learning the techniques of combat fights is not unusual. Indeed, there are some real good legal fight clubs employing martial art as their fighting technique. The history of martial arts shows that the Asian masters were few in number who taught their techniques secretly. Nowadays there are many reputed fight clubs where martial arts like karate, tae kwon do and other styles are practiced, and this is quite popular in Asia. In fact, they take it as a soothing experience, joining fight clubs that need not necessarily involve bloody fights and events. It's more of like a class.

In fact, in fitness centers, martial arts are used in their fight club and they are great, offering something for all ages and all types of people. Mind you, these types of fight clubs are not like the real, mean and avenging fights of the underground world. They use fighting techniques to soothe their mind and body, very similar to the real fight club fighters venting their frustration by beating their opponents to a pulp. Well yes, the members of these sober fight clubs also have competitive fights which sort of boost up their morale, keep them fit and participate in some heavy but healthy exercise.

Well for whatever reason the members enroll in these fight clubs, one thing is for sure that the clubs really get to earn in the enrollment fees especially for the tae kwon do classes. In fact, the fight club owners find it a real profitable business as people really want to have a go at it.

Not only this, Asian countries usually have stricter rules like racing and gun control laws, and males find it tough to find ways to amuse themselves and get to bond. As such many turn to fight clubs, fixing certain days as their night out and pounding each other like crazy. Not only in Cambodia, Japan and Korea but Taiwan is also famous for this type of martial art fight clubs. These clubs use martial arts in their fights and yes, boxing and grappling is also allowed. These are no simple affairs. Especially the art of kung fu, the hard-style, kicking forms and Tae Kwan Do and Twe So involving pushing hands are quite popular.

Fight clubs in Asia is gaining popularity more so because of the interest of foreigners in the martial arts, especially kickboxing and grappling. Fight clubs like Pride, Bushido, K-1, Pancrase, and Rings are becoming popular, embracing the new developments in martial arts, and these shows are one real money-making business. One difference noticed in Asian fight clubs is that they take fighting as part of martial arts.

For these fighters, fight club using martial arts offers them the chance to improve their striking skills or look for an opportunity to challenge themselves. They also say that there's a certain bond; getting a split lip or bleeding nose seems to bind them to their opponent for life.

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