Posted on October 10 2017


A majority of the offensive techniques that are used in Muay Thai utilize a fighter’s hands, feet, elbows, and knees to strike an opponent. The clinch is also used in order to control the opponent for both defensive and offensive reasons.

The clinch occurs when someone gets in a fighter’s radius.  To execute knees, elbows and short kicks from the inside, the clinch can be very useful.  The Thai fighter makes great use of the clinch, tying up on opponent on the feet then executing strikes to the opponent’s stomach, ribs, knees, and legs. Knees are very popular techniques with Muay Thai, as Thai fighters spend a lot of time training their strikes - especially knees and elbows.

Although high kicks to the opponent’s head looks amazing during the fights, experienced Thai fighters always say that knees and elbows have a lot more impact, and they do the most damage to the body. The Thai Knee in the clinch is one of the most powerful strikes in all fighting styles.

In all Muay Thai techniques, two in kicks have become very popular with other styles of martial arts:

The roundhouse kicks

The roundhouse Thai kick is a very useful technique for both self-defense and competitions, proving to be very efficient when it is executed properly.  Thai stylists execute the roundhouse kick by a straight leg and the entire body rotating out from the hip.  The hip is locked shortly before the thrown leg makes impact with the opponent.  If executed properly, the roundhouse kick can easily render someone unconscious.

The low kicks

The low kick is a common Muay Thai attack, that involves a circular movement from the fighter’s body to kick the opponent in his upper shin area.  If the low kick isn’t blocked or defended, it can quickly damage the opponents’ leg and the ability to move.  After a few well-placed low kicks, the opponent will be unable to put pressure on his legs due to the bruising, and will eventually crumble.

With other martial arts styles, such as Tae Kwon Do, stylists use snapping kicks that are indeed faster to execute, although they have less power. Muay Thai on the other hand, teaches fighters to follow through with kicks, using the shin instead of the foot.  Nearly all of the techniques involved with Muay Thai emphasis movement with the entire body, which means rotating the hip each time the fighter kicks, punches, or blocks.  The techniques are slower, although they are far more powerful that techniques found in Tae Kwon Do, Karate or Kung Fu.

The training and conditioning for Muay Thai fighter is legendary for the intensity and rigorous training activities.  The training in Muay Thai aims to harden the mind and body to the highest degree.

All in all, Muay Thai is a very dangerous martial art that teaches punishing blows.  Thai fighters are physical strong, capable of taking an opponent out with just one well-placed strike.  Muay Thai is also one of the most well known and most popular styles of fighting in the world and frequently practiced by many MMA fighters.



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