Posted on March 29 2018

Self-doubt, Indecision and Fear in Martial Arts

Self-doubt, Indecision and Fear can destroy your chances for success. If you have one of these feelings the other two are nearby. If you have doubt in your abilities as a fighter or are incisive on how you are going to fight your opponent, fear will automatically kick in and take over. Your chances of being victorious before even entering the ring will be knocked out. These emotions will affect your performance due to the mind / body connection. You will hesitate on fully committing to your techniques and combinations while fighting. You will telegraph your movements due to indecision and your speed of your techniques will slow down due to being stiff and rigid.

Like animals, which sense fear, humans are no different. The vibrations of fear pass from one mind to another just as quickly and surely as a human voice. Your opponent across the ring will sense your fear and use it to his advantage. Self-doubt, Indecision and Fear need to be mastered before claiming your title in or outside of the ring.

Here are some tips:

1. Think from your opponent’s mind, what would he do?
2. Watch and analyze your opponents fights to get a sense of his game plan
3. Focus and remind yourself of your strengths as a fighter.
4. At night before going to sleep rehearse your fight plan in your mind and what you will do to counter attacks
5. Have a flexible fight plan ready in your mind and stick to it

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