Posted on April 17 2019

Shaolin Kung Fu is very complicated and has a lot of moves to learn. Shaolin Kung Fu is an External form of Chinese Kung Fu. This means that it deals with the hands, the feet, the body, the eyes, and the stances. It is practical, and physical. The Internal forms of Chinese Kung Fu deal with the mind, heart, and spirit. Shaolin Kung Fu pays special attention to stretching and using stretching to develop speed, range of motion, and defensive tactics. The different advantages of each stance are also very important.

Different forms can be used in different situations and used to react to the movements of the opponent or attacker. With so many difference stances and forms, many students find that there is a lot to remember mentally, and a lot for the muscles to have to remember as well.

There are many slight variations of Shaolin Kung Fu and they can contain everything from punching, kicking, throws, joint locks, grappling, and weapons training. Having a teacher to go over the moves with you is a huge help. Sometimes it is impossible for a student to know if they are doing a motion correctly without a teacher to help them and explain what they are doing wrong.

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