Posted on July 23 2018

The Do's And Don't's Of Karate

Have you ever walked into a karate school and wondered what all of the rigid hierarchy and bowing is all about? Are you currently a new member of a karate studio and are wondering what all of the foreign words and chanting means?

Depending on your karate school and style, some or all of the following may apply:

The Do’s

  1. DO show respect to your instructor and fellow members while you try to find your place within the group and see if the school matches your goals and has your best interests at heart.
  2. DO open your mind to different ways of doing things. For the most part karate practices and methods have been transmitted down through the generations and as such carry a lot of cultural-specific traditions.
  3. DO try to learn more about the background culture of your chosen martial art.
  4. DO your best to follow the directions given by your instructor and to fit in with the class, at least while you are in the discovery phase of seeing if Karate is for you.

The Don’t's

5. DON’T think that your instructor is some transcendental guru or sage. He happens to be very good at karate; you may be very good at playing the piano, singing, etc . Recognize that all people have strengths and weaknesse

6. DON’T forget the value of humility. It is still important to be respectful in a martial arts environment.

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