Posted on October 07 2017


Sparring is something that all martial arts use as a way of testing skills, and techniques and giving a real world seems to what a martial artist has learned.  There are numerous sports or martial arts, such as boxing and wrestling, that use sparring as part f every training session.  It is a very useful tool, helping students become better with their techniques and what they have learned.  By practicing with other people, students learn their arts better and become more apt at performing the techniques quickly and efficiently.

Most students studying martial arts in a dojo or gym, find sparring to be very exciting as well as beneficial to their training.  The instructors and teachers will be right there watching and guiding students, making sure that no one gets hurt. In certain martial arts and dojos, students use protective gear, including headgear, to ensure safety during practice.

Martial arts such as Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, that focus on grappling, make the most use of sparring (or in BJJ, rolling, as it is commonly known), as it is needed to properly execute the techniques.  Martial arts that focus mainly on grappling use joint locks and submission techniques, which will need to be practiced quite a bit before they can be used effectively during a competition or even as self-defense. Most grappling art spar or roll at 100%, while in most striking arts sparring is not done at full force.

During sparring, students go back and forth, competing with each other and testing each other.  The rounds will vary, although most last several minutes.  Students will also receive help and insight from their instructors to let them know how they are doing and if they need to change anything they are doing.  This also gives instructors the chance to see just how well students are progressing in training and what areas they need to work more on.

Sparring is an excellent way to practice the skills the martial artist has learned against other students. Martial artist can use sparring to their advantage, learning what others do and how they react to their movements and techniques.  The longer a student spars and practices their moves - the better they will get in their training, speed, and the execution of their skills.


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