Posted on May 23 2019


by Amber V.

In recent years, more and more people practicing martial arts have approached the practice of Yoga.

But why and how can yoga practice be so good for martial arts?

When the Gracie in the Brazilian jiu jitsu started to show Yoga and breathing exercises in their preparation the world in the bjj but not only, it was intrigued.

Philosophies of thought have begun to arise, books and DVDs regarding Yoga for BJJ, Yoga for martial arts, Yoga for Fighter, etc.

I must say that it is not difficult to imagine that this millennial human expression brings benefits whatever you do, so why shouldn’t it bring benefits in the martial arts given also the intrinsic characteristics that it has or yoga and its practice ?.

Often this approach to martial arts and fighting like the BJJ takes place when the age begins to be felt and a way is sought to strengthen the body without further stressing it with multi sessions with tools, calisthenics methods, etc.

But why not start early?

When most people think of yoga, they imagine a gym class full of thin women who perform relaxing positions without falling a sweat.

This is the furthest thing from the truth.

Yoga is beneficial for everyone, especially for those who compete in the highest levels of combat sports. Moreover, it is one of the most demanding activities that anyone can do. There is a good reason why UFC fighters like Diego Sanchez do yoga every day. The benefits of doing yoga constantly over long periods of time contribute greatly to the physical abilities of a fighter. It doesn’t matter what martial art you do, BJJ, Muay Thai, MMA. Yoga is great for everyone. Let’s see the main top 2 reasons why yoga is so good for martial arts.

  1. Prevent injuries

When you are working every day on your flexibility and controlled strength with yoga, you prevent muscle strain and ache from happening. By relaxing and realigning the neck and spine with yoga, it is possible to avoid this overextension to have a fluid body that is fundamental in the struggle . The various positions in which you are stretched and the twisting positions of yoga lead to bending the joints with larger and wider angles where you can usually go or possibly go. Yoga keeps the joints lubricated with liquid supplies for as long as you continue to do so. The benefits on general and joint health become very important as you get older, and yoga is one of the best ways to keep joints strong and durable. This is important for martial artists who practice fighting and mixed martial arts because grappling techniques can greatly stress the joints. Having healthy and durable joints that are more flexible and tend to heal quickly if you have minor injuries.

2. Find balance and grip

The practice of yoga and its postures help you find balance in all areas of life, but a lot of this balance is very useful in martial arts. The positions and the grip with the feet and the hands that you have to hold to stay in balance are useful again even when you need to have a good support to check the base and apply the technique. Certain Yoga positions especially the inverse ones where you use a lot not your feet but your palms and your fingers, these positions increase the strength of your grip and your fingers. Your feet and your hands are essential to maintain balance while you struggle.

3. Build physical strength and strength of character

In a broader sense yoga can be seen as a way of life, a lifestyle in harmony with oneself and with the world. This is a process by which the professional can go beyond his own mental and physical limits previously believed to go further and accomplish something new. Doesn’t martial art do the same thing? Does it help you get the same attributes and turn off limiting beliefs on the tatami? It makes your life better !!! Being able to go through the pain, discomfort and stress of certain situations will not only help you fight through adversity on the mat and in the ring, but will also be able to help you overcome the daily challenges you face in your life.

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